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A Pawn for a King by Sarah Hinze Historical Timeline (true events)

Many of you who have read A Pawn for a King have asked for more information concerning what characters are authentic and the true story line of Ada’s life.

Hugh Gifford and his wife, Alexander St. Martin and his family are authentic people in Ada’s life. The people presented below as mentioned in the book are authentic. The servants and the people Ada met in the villages etc. are fictional but added for dramatic effect. Sir Maddock and Sir Kelton are also fictional.

Here you go:

1136 – Henry is given Doncaster and the lordship of Carlisle, together with his mother’s inheritance (earldom of Huntingdon). Disputed by Simon de Senlis who should have inherited Huntingdon because his mother had inherited from his father’s estate. (eventually granted to him in 1141). Henry never called himself the Earl of Huntingdon.

1138 – January, David and Henry launch an appeal for the earldom of Northumbria, when that was denied there followed the Battle of the Standard, but Scotland defeated.

11 May, William de Warenne, Ada’s father dies. Oldest brother, William becomes 3rd earl of Surrey.

1139 – 9 April, 2nd Treaty of Durham signed.

Probably married June 1st (guess for book)

Ada mentions she’s been married 4 months at start of book in SEP/OCT. (Mother goes to Normandy after wedding).

 Ludlow Castle siege – late in 1139.

Henry is injured by a grappling hook.

30 Sept Empress arrives with Robert. Robert marches to Bristol.

King Stephen moves south to trap Empress at Arundel Castle. Stephen agrees to a truce and Empress is free to go to Robert in the SW.

1140 – 9 April, Henry is released from his 1 year as hostage.

King Stephen establishes order in east England. Peace conference in Bath that Matilda of B attends (king’s wife). Conf collapsed.

After Christmas – Ranulf tries to kidnap Henry and Ada. Matilda B asks king to send escort to get them safely to Eads Hall.(In the book we have a kidnapping to create intrigue. In actuality there was a kidnapping attempt which history has left no details.)

1141 – January, they arrive at Eads Hall

Feb, King Stephen laid siege to Lincoln Castle owned by Ranulf.

Marriage celebration – March? Empress Matilda has invaded London, announced at Ada and Henty’s marriage ceremony. 

Henry get’s sick and Malachy heals 

Malcolm born in December, so she’d get pregnant in March

April? King Stephen is held in Bristol – this would be Visit from Odo?

June, Empress Matilda goes to London for coronation, but citizens drive her out before she can be crowned.

Geoffrey of Anjou invaded Normandy again and Waleran of Beaumont, who was still fighting in England, could not stop it. Waleran was one of those who decided to defect in mid-1141, crossing into Normandy to secure his ancestral possessions by allying himself with the Angevins, and bringing Worcestershire into the Empress’s camp.

December – Malcolm born

Huntingdon granted to Simon de Senlis – probably after birth of Malcolm

1142 – Matilda’s son Henry (another Henry) comes to England for the first time.

Between 1139 and 1150, King David held an assembly of nobles and churchmen, a precursor to the parliament of Scotland, at Edinburgh Castle.

26 September – The Anarchy: Stephen captures Oxford, and besieges Matilda inside the castle.

December – The Anarchy: Matilda escapes from Oxford Castle across the snow in a white cape for camouflage, according to Henry of Huntingdon.

1143 – Birth of William 

1144 – Birth of David

Matilda’s husband Geoffrey V of Anjou, completes the conquest of Normandy

1145 – Birth of Margaret

The Anarchy: Stephen captures Faringdon Castle

1146 – The Anarchy: Ranulf of Chester is captured, but released after surrendering his castles.

Many knights and barons leave England to take part in the Second Crusade

1147 – Death of Ada’s mother – date?

The Anarchy: Henry arrives in England to fight for Matilda, but is defeated in skirmishes, and returns to Normandy.

The Anarchy: Ranulf of Chester lays waste to the land around Coventry, but fails to capture the city itself.[1]

24 October – English crusaders capture Lisbon from the Moors

1148 – Death of brother, William, killed in Anatolia while on a crusade

February – The Anarchy: Empress Matilda forced to return to Normandy.

1149 – 2 May – in Carlisle King David I of Scotland knights Henry Plantagenet (age 16), and cedes northern Lancashire to Ranulf of Chester, in return for control of Carlisle. Ranulf also wants to make a marriage contract between his son and Prince Henry’s daughter. (Before the dubbing ceremony to become a knight, squires were required to spend the night alone in prayer.)

King David I of Scotland attempts to wrest control of the Bishopric of Durham and the Archbishopric of York from Stephen, but fails.

1150 – Ada present at King David’s court.

1151 – Ada present at King David’s court.

Henry Plantagenet succeeded to Normandy and Anjou. (age 18)

1152 – Ada present at King David’s court

12 June Death of Henry

Birth of Matilda, who died soon afterwards

Ada’s dower came into effect on Henry’s death (King David’s gift of Haddington and Crail and she’s now in a position to grant charters.

Her son, Malcolm placed in the hands of Duncan I, earl of Fife to be taken around Scotland to meet his future noblemen.

Her son, William taken south to York where he was made earl of Northumberland

Henry Plantagenet married Eleanor of Aquitaine, the divorced wife of Louis VII of France, and secured her inheritance (age 19)

1153 – May, Death of King David. Ada’s family is very vulnerable (in the Haddington area she had her nobles, St Martin and Giffard—best friends of Ada (see end of older timeline)

Ada’s oldest son Malcolm is crowned (age 12) king of Scotland in Scone

Henry Plantagenet came to England and forced King Stephen to submit to terms. (age 20)

August, King Stephen’s son, Eustace died.

In 1153 Henry — by then Stephen’s accepted heir — granted Staffordshire to Ranulf. That year [June or July], whilst Ranulf was a guest at the house of William Peverel the Younger, his host attempted to kill him with poisoned wine. Three of his men who had drunk the wine died, while Ranulf suffered agonizing pain. A few months later Henry became king and exiled Peverel from England as punishment. Ranulf succumbed to the poison on 16 December 1153: his son Hugh inherited his lands as held in 1135 (when Stephen took the throne), while other honours bestowed upon Ranulf were revoked. (Wikipedia)

1154 – Death of her most trusted overseer, Duncan, earl of Fife. (So who was then in command of the security of Scotland’s royal family—I suppose others were in charge and make an educated guess)

Upon King Stephen’s death (Oct 25), Henry Plantagenet succeeded to the English crown.

1159 – (perhaps before 1159?) Duncan II, earl of Fife married Ela, Ada’s niece. Ela is thought to have been the daughter of Reginald de Warenne. 

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