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Forced Abortion in China

In my book, The Memory Catcher, I share some of my personal journey as a pro-life advocate.   I learned about forced abortions in the country of China.  This is a tragic story but one that needs to come to our attention.  Events may finally be changing in China due to the fact that the Nobel… Continue Reading

October is Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Month

October is Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness month. Let’s take some time to remember the babies who were lost in miscarriage, abortion, or still birth, as well as share stories of children who announce their coming birth to their parents in dreams or other experiences. PBEs bear witness to the glorious reality that we are truly… Continue Reading

We May Have Chosen Our Trials

Our research implies that we have more to say about our earthly lives than most people suspect. During surgery in 1988, 37-year-old DeLynn died. His spirit rose from his body and returned to our heavenly home. When he asked about his chronic illness, to his astonishment, he was shown that he had actually chosen the… Continue Reading

Songs of the Morning Stars

Songs of the Morning Stars

For many years now I have interviewed individuals who have experienced something sublime. Included are people from all walks of life—mothers, fathers, siblings, grandparents, relatives and friends, who have mysteriously experienced contact with children before they were born . . . or even conceived. I have chosen to call these preborn children “morning stars,” based… Continue Reading

I Told God No! from Debbie Redford

This is one of my favorite stories.  I shared this story when Brent and I spoke at the International Association of Near Death Studies Annual Conference in Scottsdale last month. I experienced a great deal of abuse of all kinds in my childhood. During a violent assault when I was five years old, the emotion… Continue Reading

A Wyoming Physician has a near death experience

Life after life? This Wyoming surgeon says she believes By Joseph Walker , Deseret News Published: Saturday, May 19 2012 5:00 a.m. MDT Mary C. Neal, a Wyoming surgeon, has a more spiritual view of life after a near-death experience following an accident while kayaking in 1999. (Family photo, Credit) JACKSON, WYO. — The way… Continue Reading

New story from Idaho

  A few days ago I  received a phone call from a gentleman by the name of  Joseph Grammer who shared a story with me concerning one of his granddaughters, Katie and her future baby brother, Wilson. Every once and awhile my son and his wife would find little Katie (their first child) playing in… Continue Reading