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New story from Idaho

  A few days ago I  received a phone call from a gentleman by the name of  Joseph Grammer who shared a story with me concerning one of his granddaughters, Katie and her future baby brother, Wilson. Every once and awhile my son and his wife would find little Katie (their first child) playing in… Continue Reading

Book Reviews on line for We Lived in Heaven

I decided to do a blog book tour  with my book, We Lived in Heaven.  This has been in preparation for publishing the brand new book, The Memory of Angels: Remembering Our Premortal Life.  I am interested in how people feel about this information.  The reviewers are finding the stories inspiring and hope giving. So far,… Continue Reading

Heaven Is for Real by Todd Burpo

Colton Burpo:  “Heaven is for Real”  You may have seen Colton Burpo on “Good Morning America,” or on one of the other talk shows. Or you may have read one of the 2.5 million copies sold of “Heaven is for Real,” the book in which Colton’s father tells his young son’s amazing story.  This story… Continue Reading

My Daughter Brought Me My Boys

This is a new story we recently heard through a colleague of my husband’s–wonderful dream of an unborn child changed Heidi’s life forever. Heidi , who is a nurse by profession, wanted a family of only boys. She had experienced sadness and trauma as a child and was literally afraid that she might pass dysfunctional… Continue Reading

Miscarriage and Regaining Hope

Miscarriage is one of the most devastating experiences any woman can go through.  I know, I have had several.  My heart was broken and I thought I would never heal emotionally.  But time, the love of family and friends, and other experiences bring hope  and eventually emotional healing to us. Sarah:  “Mother, Don’t Be Sad”… Continue Reading

Debbie: I Give This Child to You to Raise for Me

  Debbie discovered that through faith and prayer, sometimes intervention will come from a higher authority: I was five and a half months pregnant with my third child. The doctors discovered I had gallstones blocking my bile duct. With immediate surgery the doctors saved my life and I was out of danger. The surgery took… Continue Reading

Ned Dougherty’s Story and more on Truth One

1.  All That Transpires Is Under Higher Authority             Ned: “I Lost My Unborn Children” Ned Dougherty is a friend of ours, an east coast college-educated real estate broker and businessman. In 1997, I invited Ned to meet me in Washington D.C. to address a caucus of Congressional representatives during the “1997 Partial Birth Abortion… Continue Reading

Twelve Truths About Humans, God, and Life

  In our new book, Waiting in the Wings:  Heaven is our Real Home, we discuss  in depth these twelve truths.   These lessons are gleaned from an analysis of hundreds of spiritual experiences included in this and our other books.    These are not new principles but ones that have come to us down through… Continue Reading

Life is Sacred

A recent article linked below concerning a European Court that found life to begin at conception was most amazing to me. I have been involved in national and international meetings concerning pro-life and pro-abortion issues for almost twenty years and the courts are usually not protective of the unborn child. This may be a turning… Continue Reading