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A Pawn for a King: The Life of Ada de Warenne by Sarah Hinze and Joan Sowards

Coming Soon on USA and U.K.

A Pawn for a King: The Life of Ada de Warenne is an historical novel about a fiercely independent woman in medieval England who became mother of two of Scotland’s kings, and the grandmother of Robert the Bruce.

Countess Ada de Warenne, later known as the Queen Mother of Scotland, was born in 1123 in Surrey, England, daughter to an Earl. Ada always knew, as one of noble blood, she was destined to marry whomever her father, William de Warenne demanded, no matter her own wishes. Chafing at the chains that bound her, hating the idea that she was merely a piece of property to be handed to the highest bidder, Ada avoided potential suiters like a hare runs from the fox. That is, until she caught the eye of Henry, Prince of Scotland, and the son of her father’s enemy.

Ada knew she was merely a pawn for Stephen, King of Britain, and her marriage was part of the peace agreement between Scotland and England. As much as she hated being helpless to choose for herself, she knew it could have been much worse!  Prince Henry of Scotland was at least young and handsome, and he had shown himself to be kind and virtuous, unlike others her father might have arranged for her to marry. But was there any hope at all for lasting love? Would her destiny always be out of her control? Or, as Countess Ada of Northumberland, could she do more than she ever dreamed of, and be a force for good for women in a man’s world?

Authors Sarah Hinze and Joan Sowards are two of Countess Ada’s 24th great-granddaughters. Through genealogical research, they became fascinated by their mutual ancestors’ influence on women’s rights through the centuries and felt inspired to share her courageous story.


“Let yourself be immersed, through their fun and fascinating prose, in the life and times of Ada de Warenne, a figure of immense importance in the history of Scotland. You will learn to love Ada and her family, to mourn with her through her many trials and sorrows, and to rejoice with her in her passions and triumphs. You will be encouraged by her courage and gain much from her example of a life well lived.”  – David J. Larsen, Ph.D., Researcher and Writer

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