Compelling Evidence of the Eternal Nature of Our Souls

Melissa from India

This is a very special story for many reasons. First of all, it is from a beautiful soul from India.  I had the opportunity to visit with Melissa for several hours on the phone the other evening.  Secondly her visitations from her unborn children have not yet been fulfilled, in that these children have not been born to her but the dreams of them have brought her great comfort and emotional healing.

   I am 30 years old and grew up in India. My name is Melissa. That’s not my original name, but I have suffered so much abuse that I decided not to disclose my identity—so I changed my name to Melissa. I came to U.S. a few months ago.

Over here a kind lady from church loaned me two books by Sarah Hinze, The Castaways and The Memory Catcher, in which I was greatly comforted. I was impressed that I had to email Sarah, which I did a week before Thanksgiving 2014.  Talking to her gave me the courage to share my story.

     The only one in this world who really loved me was my maternal grandmother who died ten years ago. My father hated me and beat me often. My mother displayed her dislike in several ways including making me go with a guy I didn’t want to go with,  and did not trust him. I was raped by him and became pregnant and against my will was forced to abort a son.

   Later in another difficult time after two years, I became pregnant again as a result of another rape.  I was forced to abort again a second son. I have missed my sons terribly, ached and mourned for them for ten years now, and sought the help of God. I didn’t realize until I read the book (The Castaways) that at age 16 I was already given two prebirth experiences that would result in abortions. Had I understood it then, I would have been extra cautious to avoid those mishaps. Reading the book I received a prompting to reflect back on all my dreams and visions I have seen till now. I would like to share three of those dreams that I now understand better because of the book I was blessed with from God. They helped me understand my dreams in new light and gave me great comfort and assurance.

   The night before my first abortion in 2004 I cried out to God, “If only my grandma was alive I would run away to her and she would somehow save my baby.”  But I knew it was impossible because that same year she had died on my birthday.

   A few weeks after the traumatic abortion, I saw Grandma in a dream. She led me down a street and I asked, “Where are you taking me?” She explained that a lady was stealing away my son. We went after the lady and Grandma got my son back for me.

   I awoke and asked Heavenly Father, “How is this possible?” I really wished it would be true and that Grandma would save my son somehow and someday bring him to me.

   Since coming to U.S., I have seen Grandma in two additional dreams and once in a vision in which she was dressed in white.  One day I also felt the presence of my sons around me, hugging me. I feel she is caring for all of my children in heaven.  I love her so much.

   A few months ago in a dream I saw myself, my mother, and a little girl I did not recognize. We were on a sea shore enjoying nature’s beauty when I suddenly saw ten or more men dressed as life guards along the beach on our far right yelling and warning everybody to run for safety as a tsunami was about to hit. It appeared that the life guards were about to sacrifice their lives as they stayed at their positions to continue warning all the people.

   Initially I was kind of paralyzed. By the time I began to move, water was all around us up to our calves. I could see no visible land anywhere and surrendered to the feeling our lives were about to end.

   Then I saw the little girl who was with us. She was very scared, as were we but she started to run to and fro, which was difficult with the water nearly to her waist. Clearly she desperately wanted to live. So I pulled her into my arms and told Mother to follow me.  At first I was really scared and did not know which way to run.  I kept praying to find higher sand under our feet at every footstep. For a time it seemed as if we would drown, but I did not stop. We kept walking and at last the water began to subside. Land appeared right in front of us…we were moving toward higher ground!

   I thanked Heavenly Father for saving our lives. Then I saw another family pass before us on a motorbike and I knew we were saved.

   I awoke wondering who the child was.  At first I thought she might be my niece.  However, my sister was not in the dream.

  A few days ago after reading Sarah’s book, I was prompted to recall all my dreams and to write them down. It occurred to me then that the child in the above mentioned dream was my future daughter.  She would give me a reason to try and to live, when in future I may come to a point where I might think of giving up.

I believe this was what Sarah Hinze calls a “prebirth experience” with one of my future daughters.  I look forward to understanding the full meaning of the dream.

   I had another dream about 6 years ago, after I was freed from my kidnapping.  I was at my mother’s house where a party was taking place outside on the lawn. I did not know the purpose of the party, but in addition to all the people on the lawn, I could sense many souls in the air above the people.

  Then I heard a baby’s cry. Anxiously I ran into the house and found a healthy dark baby on the bed about four months old. Someone asked, “Whose baby is that?”

   “It’s mine.” I responded.  And then I saw myself feeding him, wondering at the same time who the father was.

Because of the knowledge I received from reading Sarah’s book I was overcome with the feeling I had seen another baby that should come to me.

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