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Bucket List–to pet a sheep

Meet Jack the Ram from The Isle of Skye, Scotland.

One can easily fall in love with Scotland.  The main appeal for me are the people, their gentle ways and their  earthy wholesomeness.  Another love are the many hues of green, from the velvet mountains on The Isle of Sky to the lime colored grass that grows there. But the sheep–well, let’s talk about the sheep.  They dot the mountains and drink from the crystal clear streams.  By July the lambs have been born, but they are still nursing their mothers. They are a shy animal usually, unless they have been raised in a home by a loving nursemaid by the name of Mavis.

Our friends the Gardner’s took Brent and I to meet Mavis and Jack in hopes that my wish could be granted.  And it was.

When I arrived at the farm, Jack and his friend Emily, just ignored me.
When I arrived at the farm, Jack and his friend Emily, just ignored me.

Yes, at first they ignored me, but I was persistent. I called to them and finally they were either drawn to me, or tired of my annoying pleas.   They finally came over to the fence and just stared at me–taunting me to go ahead–reach out and touch a sheep.

Emily was shy I later learned, but not Jack--he was very friendly
Emily was shy I later learned, but not Jack–he was very friendly

Jack came right up to me.  What a thrill!  And the rest–well, here at more photos.  And yes, at the end of the day, Jack came to the back door and was invited in–at least for a moment. Dreams really do come true!!

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Exciting News for Pre-Birth Studies

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