Changing Hearts Foundation provides an educational forum for teaching and sharing with our community the powerful bonds between parents and their  children, born and unborn.

It is our mission and great desire to minister to men and women about the power and majesty of the human spirit.

Over the past twenty years, we have interviewed many parents–particularly mothers–who have had contact with children before they were born.  We term these prebirth experiences.  The evidence is overwhelming that unborn children are fully-formed spirit individuals who are eager to be born and live in mortality.  These many contacts between parents and children lay to rest such issues as to when a fetus is to be considered a human being.  Each fetus is a spirit child of God from the beginning of conception!

In addition we have made our work available to local, national and international law-making and policy-setting legislators, delegates, forums, and governmental bodies, and will continue to do so through this foundation.

Content from our work has been an effective tool in lobbying against partial birth abortion at the state level, in Washington D.C. policy meetings, and at United Nations international conferences. Our books have been distributed to international United Nations family-friendly delegates at World Family Policy Center meetings and at various International conferences. International non-government grass roots and interfaith organizations have been using our books to invite a change of heart towards the unborn. Our work has also been distributed at International Inter-religious Federation for World Peace Conferences, American Leadership Conferences, and Washington Times-hosted conferences and events. Our work was also well received at the Washington D.C. 2001 March for Life.  Throughout the past twenty years, we have lectured at many colleges and universities, family conferences, and literary events.

Our Goals Are:

  •  Teach that we are the children of God
  • Teach the principle of preexistence—before birth we lived in a heavenly home with our Heavenly Father.  We have been sent to this earth at this time to fulfill assignments chosen there. We have been sent here to succeed.
  • Change the hearts of those planning to abort a child
  • Heal the hearts of those who have aborted a child
  • Provide perspective in adoption decisions
  • Comfort those who have lost children to miscarriage or death
  • Increase desires to bear and love children
  • Reduce fears and increase joy in the miracle of childbearing
  • Increase gratitude for children and family
  • Affect votes on abortion issues at state and national levels
  • Magnify appreciation for the sanctity of life


We are excited about our new book, Waiting in the Wings: Heaven is our Real Home. It will be in the bookstores by the end of  2011.  We are currently booking presentations, radio and television dates throughout the end of the year and into 2012.

Another book, The Memory of Angels:  A Collection of Memories from our Eternal Home, is also ready for publication and will be available in early 2012.

We are excited about our project to prepare a documentary on the prebirth studies.  Sarah has visited with Brandon Smith, his father Paul Thomas Smith, and others who are interested in supporting us on this project.  Brandon and Paul are seasoned filmmakers.

Paul is in an advisory role on the board of The Joseph and Emma Smith Organization and has been involved in various films, including The Emma Smith Story, and many other independent films.

Brandon has his own film company, PICK IT UP MOTION PICTURES. We are excited to be working with such a talented team.